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By Gayatri Bhaumik | April 13th, 2016

Where to? Grindavik, Iceland

Why you’ll love it: The geothermal seawaters of the 9-million-liter Blue Lagoon contain healing silica, algae and minerals that’ll leave you thoroughly rejuvenated and relaxed. The warm water comes from 1.2 miles underground, and by the time it gets to the surface it’s a steamy 38°C (100°F).

Indulge in therapeutic bathing, saunas, and steam rooms, or treat yourself to signature in-water spa treatments. The property also hosts 40-minute tours where you’ll learn about the volcanic eruption that created this area, and enjoy canapés and a cocktail.

Fun fact: Though it’s actually a milky white color, the water appears that photogenic shade of blue thanks to the sun and all the earthy ingredients it picked up along the way. Essentially when the sun hits the silica and algae in the water, it makes it look blue.

Get There: Get to Reykjavik with Finnair via Helsinki, or Lufthansa via Munich or Frankfurt. Blue Lagoon operates bus transfers from the airport and Reykjavik. Entry costs €40 (HK$346). 

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