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By Yannie Chan | December 8th, 2020

This Christmas season, we’re all about shopping local and supporting Hong Kong brands. We round up some local shops that offer a range of products that will suit all of your gifting needs.

Paper Roses

A Hong Kong-based design and illustration house, Paper Roses offers a fantastic range of cards, notes and gifts with hand-drawn illustrations. Many of the designs are Hong Kong-themed. The public transport collection features the Star Ferry, minibuses and the tram. All the products are produced in eco-conscious means. You can also find some great gift options like 100% organic tote bags and towels, place-mats, coasters and baby blankets.




Founded in 2008, Bamboa Home designs beautiful home and lifestyle products made from bamboo. The product range goes from bamboo bed sheets, towels, and sunglasses to homewares, bathroom items and now face masks! Bamboa is a huge advocate of bamboo not only because bamboo products are biodegradable, but also because it’s the fastest-growing plant, doesn’t require irrigation or pesticides, thus needing fewer resources to grow and produce. All of Bamboa’s products are made from 100% bamboo from sustainable forests in Asia run by local communities.

S304, Tower A, 35 Aberdeen Street (PMQ), Central

Tung Yao Ceramics Design Studio

Photo courtesy of Tung Yao Ceramics Design Studio

Tung Yao Ceramics Design Studio was established by Hongkonger Amber Lei in 2015, with a goal to promote the beauty and importance of handmade ceramics. Tung Yao now has three branches between Hong Kong and Jingdezhen, China. While they organize daily workshops for those interested in making their own ceramics, their Central showroom is best for Christmas gifting purposes. Located on Aberdeen street, the shop showcases different products from artists all over the world, including Hong Kong, Poland, U.K, Korea and Jingdezhen.

14 Aberdeen Street, Central, 5321 7707

Bike Coffeeman

Photo courtesy of Bike Coffeeman

In Chinese, Bike Coffee Man’s brand name (騎住鳳凰沖咖啡) literally translates to “brewing coffee on a phoenix”. The brand’s founder is the man behind Sheung Wan cafe Why50 (now closed) and was formerly Head Barista and Operation Director for % Arabica Hong Kong and China. In May 2020, in search for a simpler life, he started Bike Coffeeman, brewing and serving coffee on a bicycle (aka his pheonix) around Peng Chau, a small and quaint outlying island. He soon started selling his roasted coffee beans, which is packed in a recyclable tin, instead of the more common plastic or paper bags. The packaging features a stunning Chinese calligraphy and ink-painting design.



The Hong Kong skincare brand Factiv is co-founded by four graduates of City University’s Biomedical Sciences who believe in a science-based approach to skincare. The team conducts their own research in their own laboratory at the Hong Kong Science Park. Not unlike the massively popular skincare brand The Ordinary, Factiv uses simple and effective ingredients and matter-of-fact packaging. Each product is named after its active ingredients, such as the PHA2 toner and EAA20 serum. The PHA2 oner contains 2% of PHA (Polyhydroxy Acids), a chemical exfoliant that clears out dead skin cells, while EAA20 stands for a 20% of Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which is a water-soluble, stable vitamin C derivative great for evening out skintone.



Eco Femme Full Cycle Set

Menstrual pads or tampons are something every woman uses, but did you know that one sanitary pad could take 500 to 800 years to decompose? While there is an increasing selection of eco-friendly menstrual products available, it can still be difficult to take the first step. So, this holiday season, a great gift would be an Eco Femme Full Cycle Kit from Hong Kong platform Happeriod. The pads are leakproof and made from 100% Indian and GOTS certified organic cotton flannel. Happeriod is a Hong Kong based non-governmental organization aiming to destigmatize menstruations and provide more choice and comfort to menstruators.