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By Yannie Chan | February 15th, 2016

When we talk to our grannies, it’s usually about food: what to eat, when to eat it, how to cook things, hot foods, cold foods, hard-to-find foods. You may be familiar with these conversations…

1. Five minutes after dinner… “How about some oranges and apples?”

Now? Credit: www.reddit.com
Wait, like right now? Credit: www.reddit.com

2. When she buys a really sweet watermelon or papaya at the market? You MUST try some. RIGHT NOW!

EAT IT. Credit: www.giphy.com
EAT IT. Credit: www.giphy.com

3. She’s always offering you bean curd sweet soup or green bean sweet soup: “How come you’re not drinking the tong sui? It will clear the heat in your body!!!”

Please I'm full. Credit: www.giphy.com
Umm.. because I’m full. Credit: www.giphy.com

4. If it’s not soup, it’s lots and lots of weird soft jelly-like substances — dried fish belly, sea cucumber, bird’s nest — that are supposed to do wonders for your body but EWW.

FINE. Credit: ww.giphy.com
FINE. Credit: ww.giphy.com

5. Got a slight cough? Sore throat? DRINK THIS BITTER HERBAL TEA.

EAT IT. Credit: www.reddit.com
DRINK IT. Credit: www.reddit.com

6. She still stocks up on that one random dish you said you really liked at a random dinner like 10 years ago.

I appreciate it, but this is too much? Credit: www.giphy.com
I appreciate it, but this is too much g-ma! Also, what is it again? Credit: www.giphy.com

7. She’s always pushing the latest health fads, from black garlic and ginger tea to apple vinegar and five flower herbal tea.

What, no! Credit: www.giphy.com
What, no! Credit: www.giphy.com

8. When she returns from the mainland visiting relatives, be prepared for a flood of local delicacies. Hakka tea cakes!!

Candies! Fast food! Credit: www.giphy.com
All the tea cakes from mainland. Credit: www.giphy.com

9. Somehow she always has a cupboard full of festival foods. Chinese New Year cakes, zongs, fish, chicken. There’s always more…

It never ends. Credit: www.giphy.com
It never ends. Credit: www.giphy.com

10. But nothing beats coming home exhausted and knowing your granny has saved a warm bowl of her signature Chinese soup (老火湯) for you. Gotta love her.

SO GOOD. Credit: www.skinnygossip.com
SO GOOD. Credit: www.skinnygossip.com