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Sean Hebert “TRASHPACKER”: TakeOut Comedy Special

Sean Hebert “TRASHPACKER”: TakeOut Comedy Special

By The Loop HK Contributor| February 16th, 2024

TakeOut Comedy will be hosting international headliner Sean Hebert for two special evenings on March 1 and 2, 2024. This exciting event will not only feature Hebert's hilarious live comedy performance, but will also serve as a recording session for his upcoming full-length comedy album, "The Trashpacker." Hailing from Canada, Sean Hebert has been captivating audiences around the world with his unique perspective and freewheeling act for over a decade. With his memorable stories, eccentric asides, and the wisdom he has gained from his extensive travels, Hebert promises a night of laughter and entertainment like no other. During his time at TakeOut Comedy, Hebert will be showcasing material that will be included in his first-ever comedy album. Titled "The Trashpacker," the album will feature tall tales and valuable lessons from Hebert's nearly two decades of..